Mr.Ma Chi Kong Karl

Mr.Ma graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelor‘s degree in Business Administration,and from London Business School of the University of London with a Master‘s degree in Finance.He obtained the professional qualifications of the Chartered Financial Analyst and is a member of Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts.
Mr.Ma has been engaged in the investment and financing,fund management and other works in many international investment banks including Credit Suisse.He has more than 25 years of experience in financial business and investment.He also has extensive government relations and business networks all over the mainland China,Hong Kong,Macao and overseas.
Currently,Mr.Ma acts as the Co-chairman of the board of directors of China Private Ventures Limited,the director of Tus-Holdings Co.,Ltd.,the Chairman of Pine Peak Capital Group Limited,the director of Luso International Banking Ltd.and a member of Beijing Committee of The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.
Mr.Ma was appointed as the Chairman of the Company and an executive Director on 15 July 2016.He has been redesignated to non-executive Director on 8 February 2021 and is remained as the Chairman of the Company


Tus-Holdings Co. Ltd. (“Tus-Holdings”) is the university-owned enterprise of Tsinghua University. As a holding corporation managing assets with the value over 30 billion US dollars and a controlling shareholder/shareholder of over 800 enterprises, Tus-Holdings has established the world largest and unique global innovative ecological system with over 200 innovative business bases and has provided incubation services to over 5000 enterprises. Adhering to the “Triple Helix”, a cluster based innovative theory, Tus-Holdings created an incubation model which consists of “incubation services + financial investment + entrepreneurship training + open platform” and a whole-industry-chain financial service system, and invests in and operates leading corporations in environmental protection, new energy, healthcare, new materials and other strategic emerging industries in China. Tus-Holdings has strengths and brilliant results in technology transfer, start-up project incubation and nurturing innovation talents.

Tus-Holdings is the single largest shareholder of the Company since June 2015.

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Beijing E-Town International Investment & Development Co. (E-Town Capital for short)

Founded in 2009, E-Town Capital is a state-owned investment company dedicated to offering services to scientific and technological innovation and the industrial development of development zones. As of May 2020, the total assets of the Company reached RMB 61.9 billion and the total owner's equity exceeded RMB 49.8 billion. The company consists of E-Town Fund, E-Town Automobile, E-Town International Holding (Hong Kong), E-Town International Financing Guarantee, E-Town International Financing Leasing, Tongming Lake IT City, and Beijing Jidian Holding, etc. Focusing on the goal of "industrial finance, science and technology park and innovative service provider of capital operation", E-Town Capital fully combine government and market forces, actively attract leading enterprises to the development zone, continuously improve the upstream and downstream industrial chain in the development zone, and effectively form the industrial aggregation effect. E-Town Capital will pay more attention to the leading industries in the development zone, such as new-generation information technology, biotechnology and big health, new energy intelligent vehicles, robotics and intelligent manufacturing. It will continue to work hard on core services of industrial promotion, industrial investment, financial services and park operation.